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I offer both individual and business coaching, and also self-development workshops. What do you want to explore? Choose below.

"Kristýna and I managed to get to the same page. Thanks to her persistence, she was able to identify the problem and lead the topics to find a solution. She is a good listener and guides you to understand the situation."

- Martin A., student

"I regularly go for therapies, and now I had the opportunity to experience coaching with Kristýna. Clearly stated questions, stuck with the topic, and steps that I set myself for my next journey. Simple and smart. This is exactly what I also felt after attending the How to be your own coach workshop. Kristyna showed us the process, explained the coaching principles, and thanks to her open mind and great techniques, I am now able to solve some minor situations in my life on my own."

- Lucie P., Marketing Manager

What do my clients think about coaching?

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