Life & Business Coaching

Individual coaching is for everyone who wants to improve their careers or solve any life situation. Are you interested in coaching for your business? Contact me for the offer.

Life Coaching

Individual coaching. After the first free consultation, we will meet online, or in a café and start the coaching session. Coaching is for everyone and can be applied to various topics and situations.

Get your coaching session if:

  • You want to upgrade your career.

  • You need to learn to deal with difficult situations.

  • You want to create a business strategy.

  • You are stuck and don't know what should be the next step.

  • You need to improve your work-life balance.

  • You want to improve any skill.

  • It is difficult for you to finish tasks.

  • You need better focus.

  • You know what you want and need to discover possible challenges.

  • You want to have more quality relationships.

  • You want to find your life partner.

  • You have a lack of self-confidence.

  • You suffer from imposter syndrome.

  • You need to improve your financial situation.

Price €65 / 60mins session
Buy 2 sessions and get 1 for free

... and much more.

Business Coaching

Business coaching is great for you, your colleagues, or your managers. On the first free consultation, we will set expectations and scope. Based on that, I will send you an offer.

Get coaching for your colleague(s) if:

low angle photo of curtain wall building
low angle photo of curtain wall building
  • They lack motivation.

  • They don't have good relationships within the team or company.

  • They need support in their new roles.

  • You want to support your future talents.

  • You want to find a perfect reward or benefit.

Contact me for an offer.

... and much more.

"Kristýna and I managed to get to the same page. Thanks to her persistence, she was able to identify the problem and lead the topics to find a solution. She is a good listener and guides you to understand the situation."

- Martin A., student

"I regularly go for therapies, and now I had the opportunity to experience coaching with Kristýna. Clearly stated questions, stuck with the topic, and steps that I set myself for my next journey. Simple and smart. This is exactly what I also felt after attending the How to be your own coach workshop. Kristyna showed us the process, explained the coaching principles, and thanks to her open mind and great techniques, I am now able to solve some minor situations in my life on my own."

- Lucie P., Marketing Manager

What do my clients think?

"I only had one coaching session, and it was very interesting. Coaching helped me to make a decision, prioritize my tasks, and finally start my own business. So far, I have been following my plan that we created during the coaching, and everything works well."

- Jana, K., Surfing Champion of Czech Republic, UI & UX Designer

Write me to schedule a free consultation!

Let's schedule a 20-minutes call and discuss your needs and expectations.