I am Mgr. Kristýna Svobodová and I am a certified ICF coach.

I studied at Charles University in Prague. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Humanities and a Master’s degree in Media Studies.

Besides coaching, I work as a content manager for a cybersecurity company. In the past, I oversaw events, copywriting, and internal communication at big corporations.

In my free time, I enjoy doing sports, taking photographs, traveling, and meeting my friends. And I would be happy to schedule a coaching session with you!

Together towards healthy communication, self-confidence, and positive thinking.

Personal development should have its place in people’s lives. Once we start to work on ourselves, we realize our strength, and self-worth and start to communicate differently with both the people around us and us.

Healthy communication with a healthy amount of emotions is a base for our society to be able to respect each other, prosper and move forward. I want people to understand, respect, and trust each other. The only way to get there is to start working on ourselves and looking at our own beliefs and thoughts with respect and care.

Join me in my mission for a better society and schedule your session.

In coaching, I always follow the ICF Code of Ethics.


Do you want to know more about coaching and self-development? I will share my tips and tricks with you, and tell you what you can expect on a coaching session. Follow me on the blog!